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Best Diet: How to Avoid 3 Most Common Dieting Mistakes of Women

This sounds like a silly question, but it’s really the most important question you can ask:

“What REALLY makes me increase my bodyfat?”

Is it too many calories? Sure. That’s one part. But I know people who can eat 4-5K calories a day and not add an ounce.

Is it dietary fat? Rarely if ever.

Fat is necessary to melt bodyfat. It is true that fat has more calories per gram than protein or carbs, but let’s look at this logically:

40% protein; 40% carbs; 20% fat = 40% fat; 40% protein; 20% carbs

So… no. Increasing your dietary fat does not mean you’ll get fatter…

UNLESS… ready?

Your insulin levels are too high

Elevated insulin is not only the prime cause of diabetes and a sign of being hypoglycemic, but it’s also the prime numero uno reason people get fat.

And insulin is stimulated most by too many carbohydrates… even the so-called “healthy carbs!”

HOWEVER… ready again?

You can still eat carbs… A “low-carb” best diet plan isn’t necessary every day in order to keep your insulin and body fat low.

You just have to know what TIME to eat the carbs.

There’s a time and place for everything and carbs are no exception.

I have a presentation here that tells you more about how important timing is and how you can eat your carbs (even sweets) and shed bodyfat…

… here:

The EODD System <–carb-friendly best diet plan

That being said:

If I had to cut one thing out of my best diet for 1-4 days it would definitely be carbs.

I need fat… fat helps melt bodyfat… and I have trained my body to use its own fat-stores for fuel.

( See how on the linked-page above )

I DEFINITELY need protein… and so do you.

Protein speeds up thermogenesis, or your body’s own fat-burning heat factory.

Protein also blunts your appetite so you naturally eat less.

Some carbs are healthy… and I do not recommend you cut out low-sugar fruits and green veggies… you need that stuff.

But you don’t need grains, breads, etc.

At least for a few days.

THEN… you need them… but only after you do two things.

Find out more here:

The EODD System <–carb-friendly dietplan

Remember: Don’t Quit. Get Fit!

P.S. My favorite “Feed Meal” (that’s what I call meals where I eat a lot of calories and carbs) is this:

Small serving of protein (1/2 my normal serving size) like chicken, tuna, etc.

Brown rice or baked potato

Slice of pecan pie (or Key Lime pie… yum.)

Then later that day I’ll have a few slices of New York-style pizza.

The next day I’m LEANER. It never fails.

The only time this can fail is if you do not set your body UP to receive these carbs and some junk food.

I call this my “Real World Favorite Foods Dietplan.” That’s not the name of my System but it could be! That’s exactly what it is.

I love it… so will you…

The EODD System <–carb-friendly dietplan

VIDEO —— Real Food: The Best Diet


Best Diet Advice: “Fat-and-Happy”… Is It True? Study Tells All…

This article is courtesy of the fitness and nutrition author Jon Benson

Ever heard the phrase, “Fat-n-Happy?”…

Of course you have. We used to refer to obese guys as a “jolly fat-man”… or perhaps someone who is overweight as “fat-n-happy”.

Is it true? Can (gasp) being overweight actually make you happy?

Rather than giving you my opinion on the matter, I take a look at three national studies on this page.

The presentation is only 5 minutes long… and I reveal the number one case for alarm in the United States and Canada.

Read that again:

The Number 1 Cause For Alarm

And I’m NOT an alarmist… I’m a rationalist. But stats like these do not lie.

They cannot lie.

And this deals with our children.

Please… go see:—>  Fat-n-Happy Study

P.S.  I can tell you from my own first-hand experience, which I document in “Fit Over 40″, that my personal 10-year-journey through the muck of obesity was ANYTHING but happy.

Feeling Better…

I was depressed, to the point of suicide at times (thankfully I never went that far.)

I stayed socially hidden. I wore “fat-clothes” all the time.

The few times I HAD to wear jeans or dress pants I rushed home to change into sweats because they were just too damn uncomfortable to tolerate.

Bottom line:  I was “fat-n-miserable”.

I think most people who are overweight or obese feel more despair, sadness, or perhaps just really frustrated than “happy”. Of course you can be happy and be any size, color, shape, etc. But I’ll tell you from my experience that I am MUCH happier now that I’m fit and trim.

Part of that is just because I feel better. The other part is how the brain functions. When you’re more active, you release more “feel-good” hormones… and these are powerful anti-blues hormones… they really make you feel like a champ. At least that’s been my experience.

But go watch the 5-min video and see what you think…—>  Fat-n-Happy Study


The Best Diet for a Flat Stomach

One of the unfortunate complications of an unhealthy way of life is the accumulation of fat around the stomach area. Abdominal fat can be unrelenting, but there are a few simple things you can do to do flatten your belly and achieve a slimmer appearance.

First, if you drink alcohol regularly, it’s an excellent idea to cut down your intake or eliminate it from your diet altogether. Alcohol contains a large amount of calories and can lead to weight gain even if you do not eat quite a lot. Replace alcohol with masses of fresh water, and you may see your gut shrinking faster than you would believe possible.

If you do not drink lots of alcohol, what else do you drink? If you drink a lot of sweetened coffee, tea, soda, and other drinks that contain calories, it’s a good idea to replace most of these with water too. You will cut out a few hundred calories a day just with this one move alone.

For the Best Diet Try to Avoid Pre-packed Food

Next, reflect on how many packaged foods you eat. Does almost all of your diet usually contain lots of pre-packed foods? Most of these foods contain elevated levels of sodium, sugar, chemicals and preservatives, all of which can make contributions to a slow metabolism and weight gain.

A straightforward, whole foods diet is the most suitable option for using up fat and flattening your belly. When you stop eating all that “junk” your body immediately starts coming back into balance and the weight starts melting away.

Avoiding fried food and fast food is another vital step for a flat stomach. Greasy food and junk foods are notorious for being filled with fat – and not the good types of fat! If you were to replace those unhealthy foods with beneficial quality sources of fat, like salmon, avocados, and nuts, you would notice a significant difference in how you’re feeling and how you look.

The Right Kinds of Fat

Fat is actually good for you, but only the right kinds of fat – polyunsaturated and monounsaturated. Limit your intake of saturated fat, and avoid trans fat utterly.

Last although not least, exercise plays a very important part in weight loss, from your belly area and everywhere else. However , before starting doing hundreds of crunches a day to firm your gut, it is crucial to understand that crunches will not do a thing for you if you have body fat stored in your midsection.

That’s why dietary changes are necessary to start to burn excessive fat. Once that fat is burned off, then abdominal muscle exercises can be useful in giving you that lean, flat stomach. Aerobic exercise is valuable in consuming calories and extra fat, while resistance exercises like stomach crunches are efficient for toning and firming.

Keep in mind that flattening your belly may take a little patience and time, but it’s worth the effort in the long term, not only for vanity purposes but as it will enhance your health too.

You can assess your calories burned walking and over 125 other activities at Our list of prize-winning calculators includes an ideal healthy weight calculator.


Do Fad Diet Programs Work? Discover the Answer by Reading this Post!

Everybody wants to shed weight quick. Either a party is around the corner and you desire to fit that amazing dress you just bought or you are getting married very soon. Typically, it is because of long-term diet plan you find it hard to stay with it. Contemporary diet programs appear to be the well-known and also the easier option. We’ve been guilty about this at some stage in our lives.

Sadly, modern best diet programs aren’t effective. Fitness experts reported it and it also has not changed! If a diet program use words like guaranteed, claims great results, it is just a dietary fads. They often consist of eating grape fruit or cabbage soup, supplements and stimulant laxatives, replacing meals with fasting or dietary supplements. This is referred to as starvation weight loss programs.

Best Diet for Losing Weight Fast

For losing weight fast, a fad diet approach is by minimizing calories. Reducing you daily calories under 1000 would certainly make the scales drop, but it will backfire afterwards. With not enough calories, you can’t exercise properly. It is because of the muscle burning up which makes you vulnerable.

Whenever you burn calories, you happen to be delaying your metabolic rate. If you cease dieting, you metabolism remains the same and you burn calories slower than the normal way. You’ll have your old weight again, and quicker!

Thankfully, you can shed pounds fast without needing fad diet plans. However, you must do it securely and stick to it no matter what happens. It is only quite simple: you just need to burn fat than you consume. However, you can’t have efficient weight reduction simply by going on a diet. Consuming less calories with a mixture of increasing workout will definitely shed the body fat:

You should do almost an hour or so of mild exercise daily. The best calorie-burning workout is cardiovascular workouts like biking, jogging, aerobic, swimming, brisk walking, and anything that boosts you heartbeat.

One Full Hour of Workouts

You need to boost the intensity of your exercises so that you can sweat for the entire hour. If you fail to devote one whole hour of exercising, divide it up into morning and evening workouts.

Interval exercise can use-up more calories quick. You need to invest a short time pacing through intense exercise (like sprints or cycling uphill) and reduce to a lower intensity before repeating the process once again.

Add a couple of hours each week of strength workouts to build up and strengthen your muscles that boosts your metabolism.

One particular blog advocates to make use of exercise equipment like elliptical machines. It will help lose weight quickly. Visit their website at to acquire more information. They encourage to make use of the sole e95 elliptical trainer.


SIRT1: Is Your Fat-Burning Gene Turned On?

This article is courtesy of the fitness and nutrition author Jon Benson

It may be turned “off” right now… in fact it probably is.

There’s a problem with that:

This gene helps you melt off bodyfat.

It would be pretty nice to turn that sucker on, right?

Here’s the article on…

1. What SIRT1 is;
2. How you can “turn it on”
3. How to keep it on

What Is SIRT1?

Simply put, SIRT1 is a “rescue gene”. This gene is activated during times of fasting to, for a very SHORT period of time, access more stored bodyfat.

That’s a good thing.

The problems are…

1. Fasting is not good for the metabolism if done for more than a day;

2. This trick doesn’t work well over the long-run.

SIRT1 is practically dormant in most people as we have a surplus of food. We consume, on average, about 30% more food than our bodies require every single day.

It’s no wonder this gene went to sleep…

… and it’s time you wake it up.

How To Turn On SIRT1

As mentioned above, fasting for a day will activate SIRT1 if practiced for a few weeks. So you eat one day, fast the next, and keep this up for 1-2 weeks.

But… let’s face it. Most of us do not like the idea of NOT eating for a full day.

So I have two alternatives that work just as well to activate SIRT1 and NOT shut down your metabolism over the long-haul (as weekly fasting like this can do.)

TIP 1: Do a fruit fast instead

If you want to try a fruit fast every other day you can do so. This is much healthier and much easier on the body than an all-out fast.

However, for some people the sugar in fruit can trigger over-eating… and we don’t want that.

TIP 2: Stagger your calories

I teach this trick here:

Why This Works <—

But I take it a step further: I let you in on how you can stagger your “macronutrients” and your calories without having to think too much about it.

I call this my “Favorite Foods Plan” because it demands you consume high-calorie foods that you enjoy at specific times on specific days.

The other days are low in calories, higher in lean protein, but still contain real food.

Fasting is not necessary. The “starvation” switch that triggers SIRT1 has been shown to be triggered after only a day or two of low-calorie eating.

You just can’t do that very long without higher- calorie days… and THAT is the nifty trick you need to learn.

I wrote the book on the subject… literally. : )

My Guide To Fatloss <—

How Do You Keep SIRT1 “On”?

Simple: You stay on this cycle-your-calories dietplan… yep. That’s necessary. This is for LIFETIME fatloss… not a crash dietplan… they never, EVER get you what you want.

You want to be lean for life… no exceptions.

So to do that you need all the genetic help you can get…. and SIRT1 is part of that plan.

Turn it on today.

Go here now –

Turn On Your Fatburning Gene <—

Remember: Don’t Quit. Get Fit!

P.S. I’ve made the science part of this article pretty straight-forward. Personally I love science stuff but I slept through most of the boring parts. ; )

However, this is science you can USE… as in right now… today…

And you definitely need to make sure SIRT1 is alive and well… working away to help you shed more weight…

Turn On Your Fatburning Gene <—


6 Strange Dietary Bedfellows

This article is courtesy of the fitness and nutrition author Jon Benson

What do these six things have in common?

– McDonalds
– Renée Zellweger
– Epileptic children
– Yours truly
– Most bodybuilding and fitness competitors
– Kiefer Sutherland

Give up?

All the above employ the strategies of the low-carb dietplan.

Recently researchers have found that low-carb nutrition plan reduced the number of seizures in epileptic children.

Most of the world’s leanest physiques get that way on a regimen, limited or not, of low-carbs and higher protein.

McDonalds too is getting into the act.

Even Renée Zellweger.

Kiefer Sutherland too.

Even me.


Read on and I’ll explain what I mean…

Why Low-Carb Works

When McDonalds starts counting carb grams in their food, you know someone is either jumping on a trend or finally seeing the light.

In this case, both — but it is a good thing. Low-carb dietplans. They work.

For the masses, they work because they are the easiest nutrition plan to follow when you’re busy.

McDonalds and stars like Kiefer Sutherland figured this out. The busy on-the-go guy or gal doesn’t want to make the time to prepare six meals per day and carry them around in Tupperware.

When choosing my own lifestyle nutrition plan, time and convenience played a major role. I looked at role models who were very busy, formerly obese, and very lean.

Most of them rely in some form or fashion on a low-carb strategy.

Low-carb also works, much to the hem and haw of traditional doctors and nutritionists, due to the way the body processes fuel.

For those of us fortunate enough to grow up on whole grains and very low-sugar mealplans, a moderate to higher-carb nutrition plan may work just fine.

But most of us grew up eating junk.

Processed foods, fast foods, and downright junk was the cornerstone of our best diet plans. That puts your body on the “carb defense.”

After years of abuse the body becomes resistant to carbohydrates. The insulin they produce can cause all sorts of health issues, fat-burning problems, and more.

When carbs are removed, even healthy carbs like whole grains, the body has time to re-adjust.

In some cases, you can go back to a moderate-carb plan with whole grains and fruits after a period of time.

In others, you are a “low-carber” for life.

Guess which one I am?

Finally, low-carb works because you tend to eat less. Fat is very satiating, and most low-carb plans are fairly high in dietaryfat.

So, in recap:

— Easy and convenient;
— Metabolically important for carb recovery;
— Lower in total food volume (eat less)

The Best Diet Must Be Simple

Do not make light of that first point. Any plan that is not simple is one very few people will stick to. Making your plan simple and tasty is key, even if that plan is not “perfect” by nutritional standards.

Now, by far, the best low-carb dietplan in the world (yes, I’m bias for good reason!) is this: ——> My Favorite Foods Diet Presentation

EODD works so well because your carbs are low for “most” of the time. Not “all” of the time. And the times when your carbs are not low you can enjoy your favorite foods.

Personally I enjoy pizza and burgers on my non-low-carb days. You can enjoy whatever you want if you just keep it reasonable.

You see, there’s no need to diet-perfect.

Progress always trumps perfection.

Why Low-Carb Fails

There are two primary reasons for the failure of the low-carb nutrition plans: boredom and media bashing.

One causes irritability. The other, doubt. Unless you’re certain that your plan will work, you will eventually go off of it.

This is true of any plan, no matter how ideal it is. Certainty rules.

That’s why I believe in having a flexible, tasty plan like EODD.

Then boredom is easily solved.

I share my own unique ideas about “cycling” carbs and fats in the presentation here: ——> My Favorite Foods Diet Presentation

Using my cycle strategy you will rarely if ever become bored. And your body will burn more bodyfat too. It’s just a cheap metabolic trick…but boy, it works.

The second reason is media and medical bias. One study after another has proven that low-carb plans, even the Atkins plan, works and is safe to use for most people.

Check with your doctor first, of course.

I’ve seen researchers get down-right angry when the results come back. In one study, carried out for a full year, the low-carb plan out-performed the so-called “healthy” Dean Ornish plan.

Lower blood fats, more weightloss, and more energy were the results.

Best Diet & Low-carb Nutrition

My preference always comes back to low-carb nutrition. I just cycle it in a way that allows me to get plenty of veggies, some grains, and ample fiber.

Even a slice of cheesecake here and there… : )

Hey…I said “low-carb”, not “low-life!”

Yours In Fitness,

J O N   B E N S O N

P.S. One of these days the mainstream medical community will wake up to the fact that 90% of the population will never eat 15 servings of veggies per day.

While this may be “optimal”, it’s not at all practical. I’d rather give you down-to- earth practical nutrition advice that you CAN and WILL follow — and enjoy.

Makes sense, doesn’t it? ——>  My Favorite Foods Diet Presentation


Get Six Pack Physique By Following the Best Diet (Natural)

“How To get Six Pack Abs Fast?” – This can be the most frequent question that we notice in health and excess weight loss related forums and discussion boards.

The problem Isn’t the exercise routine you’re doing. The truth is… if you’ve been training your core for awhile, you already have the abs you want. They’re just deep undercover beneath that stubborn belly body fat.

Firstly, clear all the misconceptions related to six pack abs. You don’t must work on machines to get abs fast. Study the reasons to get fitness and 6 pack and analyze it accordingly.

Best Diet Summary

So what are you supposed to eat? A very brief summary of a proper nutrition program is as follows:

Proteins: Chicken (not fried), Fish, 97-98% lean beef, skim milk, etc.

Carbs: Whole grain breads, rice, and oatmeal, broccoli, carrots, coli flower, sweet potatoes, etc.

However, physique fat is not the only factor in getting six pack abs, as I’m sure you’ve seen many a skinny guy with no fat but no abs either…it’s simply because they have failed to work on and develop their abs muscles.

Low physique fat without exercise pointless if you are looking for fast ways to get six pack abs. You have to stay away from foods which are high in fats, especially saturated. Fat’s coming from fish, is best, as it contains high amounts of omega three fatty acids, which has many health benefits.

The Importance of Water for the Best Diet

Create a caloric deficit by consuming smaller portions of nutrient dense foods that can enable your body burn more calories. Water helps you control your hunger, mainly because it satisfies hunger to some extend.

Should you want to get ripped abs, water must be on your list! Combined with proper nutrition, the right exercise program, not can, but will catapult you to the six pack abs you’ve always wanted.

If you are very much interested in modeling then you should attain 6 pack abs,you can try Truth About Six Pack Abs to get 6 pack body quickly. To know about the comments given by various people using it click here…

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Correct Strategy To Get Rock Hard Physique

Pretty much everybody would like six pack abs as one of their fitness targets. It may well seem quick on the surface, as chances are you’ll hear that all you may need is always to do ab workout routines everyday for X hundred instances along with your six pack abs will need to become visible.

Getting six pack abs appears to be an unattainable target for many, but this couldn’t be additional from the truth, as long you comply with the proper actions it really is straightforward to attain.

Every time you turn around it appears like somebody is trying to let you know or sell you the latest and greatest technique to do some new sit up or possibly a new radical solution to use some wheel or a new machine that functions the abdominal muscles, even while you sleep. The first issue you absolutely need to do is make the vital adjustments to your eating habits.

By eating a high protein eating habits the digestive program will work harder to break down the molecules which burn the fat faster.

Important note

 To get the six pack abs it is necessary to burn off more calories than are consumed. Your body fat’s will have to be cut down for you to get washboard abs. This can be done by changing your eating habits and eating the right variety of foods.

The very first issue you need to do should be to start off operating on getting some significant muscles in the region exactly where your six pack are located. And this is less difficult said than carried out, but I suggest just adding three exercises to your frequent training regimen or three days a week.

Do sit ups, crunches and side crunches. Do about 15-20 of each. This really should be more than enough for many, but when not add a few sets to each should you feel you are not getting adequate work on your six pack abs.

If you are very much interested in modeling then you should attain 6 pack abs,you can use Truth About Abs to get 6 pack body quickly. To know more about the comments given by various people using it, click here!


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